What do you think about the controversial idea of assisted suicide? 

Personally, I feel everyone should have a choice about what happens to their own body, but unfortunately it is not as simple as that when there are greater consequences which need to be considered. 

Who would do the 'assisting' if it were allowed? Is this something we would expect doctors to do? Surely this would go against the fundamental principle of medicine of 'do no harm'?

And what about vulnerable people who might be pressured by family members to make a decision they might not be ready for?

I spent many hours considering this subject when drafting my dissertation in my university days and I always come to the same conclusion - we should all have the freedom to choose what happens to our own bodies, but not at the expense of others. In practice, I am not convinced there is any way to monitor such a system to ensure it is not being abused and I do not envy those who might be tasked with this. 

I will be watching the outcome of Mr Conway's case with great interest.